Tooth Extraction/Wisdom Teeth

Tooth Extraction/Wisdom Teeth

When a tooth can absolutely not be saved, an extraction may be the last possible option for a patient. We prefer to save your natural tooth, but there are times that decay is too severe for a cavity to be filled or a root canal to be performed. There are also cases where gum disease reaches a point that Dr. Britton will recommend the extraction of teeth to preserve the overall health of the rest of the mouth.

Excess teeth are another instance where extraction is the best treatment. Sometimes there are overcrowded teeth in the mouth, but most commonly the “excess teeth” we extract are wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are in the very back of the mouth and are simply not meant to fit. They can cause severe pain or even infection so it is imperative that wisdom teeth be removed.

Dr. Britton takes great consideration before deciding to extract a tooth. His steady hand makes the procedure seamless with a relatively quick healing time. If a tooth that is extracted needs to be replaced, Dr. Britton will give you options before the procedure so that you have a plan in mind and know what is ahead to restore your full smile back as it was.

Once a tooth is extracted, bone in the jaw surrounding the tooth, almost immediately begins to recede. Our goal is to prevent this bone from receding as much as possible so that there are not additional complications.

Before an extraction, it is important to decide the method of treatment you will want to move forward with to preserve the site and how you would like the tooth to be replaced. A bone graft may be necessary, especially if you are planning to have a tooth implant done. If you are opting for something like a bridge, it should be placed before the teeth begin to shift.

When having wisdom teeth removed, the bone typically heals itself. Since it is in the back of the mouth, site preservation is not necessary.

Dr. Britton will talk with you about your options and how to best move forward to preserve the site after a tooth extraction.

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