There are many reasons and complications that cause individual to lose their teeth, but everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

Dentures can boost confidence in a way that can change a person’s outlook on life. It can make eating and speaking much easier and can even make a person look much younger by filling out parts of the face that may have appeared to sag due to missing teeth

Dentures are an excellent way to have a complete and attractive smile. Full permanent dentures can be fit for the mouth and will stay in place long-term. You can do everything you would do in a normal day without the worry of your dentures coming loose. They may feel somewhat unnatural and bulky at first, but they will quickly feel comfortable and natural.

Partial dentures are another option and are ideal when a patient has a number of teeth in a row that are missing. Partial dentures look realistic and are removable from the mouth, as opposed to permanent dentures. They will fill in the missing piece of the full gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.

Dr. Britton would love to help you feel confident about your smile with dentures.

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