Some of the greatest movies, tv shows, or Sundance Film Festival award-winning-short films are the ones directed by our own subconscious while dreaming. During your much needed slumber you may defeat an evil-hulking tyrant, rescue a beautiful fair-haired princess (or prince), wrestle a grumpy dragon and save a kingdom all in a good night’s rest, but for those who suffer from this nightmare disorder, sleep apnea, this magical-nighttime screenplay is often interrupted.

There are two types of sleep apnea: central and obstructive. Central happens when your brain decides to be a jerk and fails to send signals to your breathing muscles. Obstructive, the most common of the two, happens when your tongue, tonsils, or other tissues in the back of your throat block your your airway making your snort yourself awake all night long.

Sleep apnea can go undiagnosed and untreated for many who suffer from it, and that leaves many souls in a restless world. A world that lacks extraordinarily wonderful adventures of rescuing damsels in distress or knowing what it’s like to fly while dreaming, but luckily it’s treatable.

Most people who suffer from sleep apnea know that there are a couple of  solutions.

The first solution:

This is a lifelong commitment to sleeping with a very-helpful, Darth Vader-ish, mask that is known as a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). This provides a gentle-constant stream of air while you sleep at night, or during a pizza-induced coma on the couch, or even while you saw logs through a boring lecture about Renaissance art at your community college. This may be the most common solution to finding a fix to those illusive night-long Zzzz’s.

But let’s take a look at the other, less bulky and less embarrassing while drooling in front of your fellow students, solutions.

The second solution:

A more comfortable, and less science fiction (“Luke, I have sleep apnea… er… I mean… I am your father”), solution to sleep apnea comes from the dental world. This is where we come in. You may think that we can’t help you with your snorting and honking through the night, but you are wrong. Dental appliance therapy is a great alternative to treating sleep apnea. We use a small plastic device, similar to mouth guards used in sports, to prevent the tongue and other soft tissue from blocking off the airway.

No need to hail from Canada as the greatest hockey player on earth to rock this mouthpiece, we understand the troubles that come with sleep apnea and with our dental solutions you will no longer wake up feeling groggy and tired. You will no longer snort yourself (and most of your household/neighborhood) awake every 10 minutes. And you can say goodbye to the struggle with this terrible, dream, and energy-sucking condition.

Sleep is crucial to our human survival (so is breathing), and sleep apnea can put a life-changing damper on both of these things, so if you spend your nights fighting to peacefully snore your way through slumberland, it’s time for you to come in and see us about dental appliance therapy. Fight no longer to give your sleepy brain the chance to direct and star in an award-winning dream of a lifetime.