TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and is a disorder of the jaw joint itself. It can cause pain and discomfort to those who suffer from it. Many don’t realize that the source of their migraines and neck or shoulder pain can be a result of TMJ. Additionally, it can cause pain in the jaw and teeth. TMJ often progresses over time, but if not treated soon after diagnosis, some of its affects can be irreversible.

It is important to recognize if you have some of the pain mentioned above, and schedule an appointment with us so that Dr. Britton can go over your symptoms, determine whether or not you have TMJ, and give you the best solutions to your diagnosed problem.

Dr. Britton is an expert at treating TMJ. There are a variety of treatments available for the disorder. Full mouth restoration can be done, TMJ therapy may be recommended, veneers can be placed to correct the alignment of the teeth, and more. Once we see you, we will be able to recommend the treatments that will be most successful for your particular case.

Woman rubbing jaw due to TMJ.