Traditional braces are not something that adults are typically proud to be wearing, yet so many of us desire straighter teeth. These days, it is not necessary to wear traditional braces because Invisalign provides a great alternative. Your Invisalign can be set up right in our office with Dr. Britton and there is no need to ever see an orthodontist.

Braces can make us feel like a teen again and bring about insecurity each time we laugh or smile. Invisalign works just like braces, only it is a clear plastic molded to the teeth that is almost impossible to notice when having a conversation. You can present in a big meeting, or go to an interview with confidence knowing that your smile is being improved without anyone even knowing.

Patients who choose Invisalign to correct their smile have a series of plastic aligners that are molded to fit their teeth. Every couple of weeks, a new slightly adjusted aligner is used to slowly shift the teeth into a gorgeous straight smile. Invisalign is an ideal way to improve a patient’s smile and boost confidence.

Person holding invisalign clear braces.