Bonding, otherwise known as composite or resin is used to repair teeth damaged by cavities. These fillings create a natural appearance of the teeth and restore their overall strength and health. Silver fillings are a thing of the past, as white natural-looking fillings are an affordable and beautiful option. In fact, composite is often used to replace silver or amalgam fillings. It is also commonly used to repair old or damaged fillings and teeth that have been broken down by biting and grinding. Dr. Britton is widely known for his wonderful long-lasting fillings…

Bonding is a service that uses the same resin used in filling cavities to restore the appearance of front teeth when cracked or chipped, to cover stains and spots, or to make the length or width of teeth appear more even. Dental bonding acts similarly to veneers in these cases with very effective results.

Both fillings and bonding are simple services that can be completed in just one visit to our office. You will be happy with your results and the look and feel of your healthy teeth.

Woman in dentist chair receiving bonding treatment.