Dr. Brian BrittonHow many times have you gone to a dental office, only to find out that they don’t offer the service you need?

Do you make appointments at different dentists for each family member because you can’t find one that can meet the dental needs of everyone in the family?

Sometimes, in your family’s busy schedule, you must go to a dentist on the other side of town that has hours that you can fit in.

You end up spending a lot of time (and gas money) driving from office to office. Scheduling appointments for different family members can be challenging and frustrating.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a local dentist who offers a wide variety of dental services all in one location?

Get Your Family’s Dental Needs Taken Care of in One Place

Our dentist and dental hygienists are certified and experienced in a wide range of dental services. You won’t be turned away because we don’t offer a particular dental service. At Dr. Brian Britton, D.D.S., we offer patients a large range of dental services ranging from basic dental hygiene to complex full mouth reconstruction surgery.

We also strive to make the whole process efficient and smooth so your family can have a pleasant visit and quickly get on with your busy schedule.

We also work all ages, treating our smallest patients with gentleness and care.

Specialists promote themselves as being the best in a specific dental field. Their specialization, however, can be expensive. In many cases, patients can get the same treatment for their dental issues with a general dentist.

A comprehensive dentist can treat a variety of dental issues without any cause of concern about the quality of treatment. They not only know the best treatment for your specific dental issue, but they can also administer other dental services to other family members as well.

Just because a dentist has a broad knowledge and experience in many different aspects of dentistry, doesn’t mean their treatment is any less effective.

Seek a Quality, Modern Dental Office Instead of Avoiding Needed Dental Treatment

There are a variety of reasons why people avoid going to the dentist. For some it is fear, others it is about the time and inconvenience. While for still others it is the costs.

Our patients’ dental health is instrumental in maintaining and bettering their overall health and well-being. When patients don’t visit a dentist for any reason, they are putting their health at risk. At Dr. Brian Britton D.D.S., we know how important your family’s dental health is to your overall health and well-being.

Ever-evolving dental technology makes going to the dentist less painful, more relaxing and more efficient. It also enables dentist to do procedures that couldn’t be easily done a hundred years ago.

Dr. Brian Britton continually stays on top of dental trends as well as the latest dental procedures and equipment.

We continually learn and advance our dental knowledge to give our patients unsurpassed service and treatment of their dental needs. We want people to feel comfortable coming to see us instead of putting off or refusing to seek much needed dental care.

We are a respected dentist in Arlington, Texas providing patients with a large variety of dental services, exceptional service quality, knowledge of the latest dental technologies and equipment and a dedication to our patients overall dental health.

Contact us at Brian Britton D.D.S. today to find out how we can meet you family’s’ dental needs.